Hey I’m Jess!


You might not be able to see it in photos but I’m a tiny human. As in most think i’m under the age of 18. But I’ve got a whole lot more to offer than what it appears when looking at my little self.

I’ve found that I’m most fulfilled creating honest connections with others. There’s just something so unique about each connection I see. My all time favorite weddings and elopements are ALWAYS the ones where the couple welcomes me into not just their wedding but their family. It feels like I was actually apart of their day. Those are the ones that just really stick with me. The better I know your tribe the easier it is for me to bring out your personalities in what I capture!

You can find me happiest at the beach! Whether that be hiking around or doing a shoot! I have quite the travel bug and continue to fulfil it every chance I get! Especially to countries that are full strong culture! Chris and I enjoy checking out the local way of life :) Nothing like submerging yourself in a completely different environment where you can hardly communicate with everyone around you. Makes for a good reset button!

Check out my travel dates below, feel free to tag along to any of those locations while I’m there to avoid any travel fees! If you’re interested in a different location then heck yeah, reach out! I love to drive, fly, figure out public transportation systems wherever your heart desires!

Let's create some magic! 

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Travel Dates



October - Oregon / Colorado

November - California / Oregon

December - Jamaica

January 2019 - Mexico

February - Morocco

March - Portugal

April - California / Italy / Austria

May - Oregon

June - Oregon

July - Oregon