Getting ready!

These just so happen to be some of my favorite photos of the day! There are so many natural nerves and excited energy, I love it! Below are some tips to assure these shots will be great!

Klamath River Northern California Wedding - Oceana and Kenton - Jessica Heron Images 000.jpg


This is huge! The absolute best lighting is window light. I honestly prefer shutting off all the lights, opening up the curtains, and using all the natural light that I can. It just photographs so much better and let’s allows the natural shadows to appear rather than harsh shadows from ceiling lights!

Megan and Johnny - Getting Ready_-31.jpg

Keeping it neat and tidy

I totally get it! You’re getting ready with so many other people, things can get messy! But if you guys could maybe designate a portion (by the bed, in a closet, etc) of the room to keep everything so that it isn’t too cluttered everywhere! If you forget, no worries! I’ll probably pick up a thing or two when I get there to make sure the photos come out clear and clutter free!

Andrea and Stephen Getting Ready-103.jpg

Sill Wondering Where...?

Airbnb! Or any Rental House! Getting ready photos in a cute room with lots of great light is the ultimate. If you’re still struggling to find a place to get ready I highly recommend a rental house! Hotel rooms are also great but can tend to look a little stale and repetitive (depending on the hotel of course) Rental houses are a great option and tend to be nicely decorated! It also allows you to leave all of your stuff there to worry about the next day. If you need help picking one based off lighting and all, I’m so happy to help! (Seriously...I love picking out airbnbs!)

Getting Ready-40-2.jpg