Hello there!

I'm based out of The Olympic Peninsula in Washington but you can find me mobbing back and forth between Northern WA and Southern OR. I love where I live so much and never get tired of the endless beautiful views the northwest has to offer. I've been photographing weddings for 5 years now! I take so much pride in my work and promise to treat your day the way I would want my own treated. 

I love coffee...sometimes too much. I'm very easy going and flexible to do whatever, whenever. I'm happiest at the beach! Whether it be hiking around or doing a shoot! I've found that I'm the most in my element shooting on the coast...or by any water really. I often leave shoots feeling like I've been friends with the clients forever, which I really love. And I leave weddings feeling like one of the bridesmaids (tell yours to get ready to gain a new friend) The more we can connect the more comfortable you'll end up being in front of the camera too! I have quite the travel bug and aim to take at least two international trips a year during my off seasons. Nothing like submerging yourself in a completely different environment where you can hardly communicate with everyone around you. Makes for a good reset button!

Don't let the distance of where I live shy you away, I love to drive/fly/figure out public transportation systems in other places. I keep travel fees to a minimum so that it can still be easy for you to be able to book me from wherever! 

Let's create some magic!