Perfecting Family Photos

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I know it’s hard to believe, but family photos tend to be one of the most hectic times on the wedding day and it definitely doesn’t have to be that way! I like to send out a questionnaire that goes over which family photos you want! I recommend chatting with your parents to see if they have any family photos in mind. Moms tend to have a few that they’d love to get and we don't want to miss out on those! Nor do we want to send someone on a search mission for your cousin in the middle of cocktail hour.

These things are nice to have planned out ahead of time!


Pro Tip!! Have a cousin or bridesmaid that knows your family well nearby to call out names to help the process go quicker! Especially if it’s a large group.

I want to make everyone happy and keep it stress free! We can always take as many friend group photos and extended family group photos during your reception!

Just ask yourself, “who you couldn’t imagine not getting a photo with on your wedding day!”