Salvation Mountain Elopement || Palm Springs CA || Jessica Heron Images

We were all up by 4am and on the road out into the middle of no where in the desert! We pulled over moments before the sun rose for these two to hop out of the car and get ready with their parents help. We danced and ran around the desert as the sun rose nice and hot!

By 8am these two shared their vows in the desert across from Salvation mountain. They were surrounded by their closest family and friends (and a random guy selling chihuahua puppies out of the back of his truck). They were sent off from the ceremony with the most beautiful colors! The rest of the day was full of pool time, naps, hitting downtown Palm Springs, driving around with our heads out of the window, pretending we were drenched in sweat in that heat, and more pool time.

Basically….this was the best weekend ever. I got to know these two and their families so well and left just wanting to be their friend.


Days like these make me so thankful to be doing this, real connections with real people. I love it!