5 tips to help you with your engagement session



 I will absolutely guide and help you as we shoot but please remember your natural ways of interacting with each other. This shoot is for you! Make sure you're allowing yourselves to show who you truly are and what your relationship is like. Embrace the goofiness, laughs, and the quiet and intimate moments between you two. Don't be afraid to close your eyes and just take it in. The more you let go of worrying how you look, what your face is doing, and if your making a cute or scary laughing face the better photos will turn out! 

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Feel free to be unique!

 This is your shoot! Not the 20 other couples shoots who you saw on Pinterest! Let's make it a shoot that specifically fits you two. Are you jokesters?! Great then let it all out! Are you quieter? That's great too, I love the calm intimate moments! Don't worry about how your acting throughout it all, just act like you! If I ask one to give the other a huge bear hug, I'm not just capturing the hug, I'm capturing the before and all the laughs and stumbling around after! So really embrace it all, don't just hug and then stop and stare at me for the next direction. Think of the things I suggest you to do as moments not poses.  

Kira and Brayden Elopement Highlights - Jessica Heron Images 259.JPG
Kira and Brayden Elopement Highlights - Jessica Heron Images 260.JPG
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Let's make it an adventure

 Let's go on your favorite hike, or your favorite view points! It can be an all day affair if we need it to! I'm willing to do whatever you guys are up for and I'm definitely not afraid of a little driving to do so! Let's make sure you are surrounded by the views that uplift you and reflect the people you are. Even if you want to keep it chill and do an engagement session in your own home, I love those as well! 


What to wear?!

Wear what you normally wear! Whether it's a sun dress or a pair of jean shorts and cool top! You don't want to be blistering your feet in some crazy heels you aren't used to. Or hardly able to breathe in a tight dress! That'll make for some uncomfortable faces throughout your photos! Also if the location we're heading to involves some hiking I recommend possibly bringing some back up shoes! 

Adventure-Engagements-In-Alaska-Hatchers Pass
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Get ready to move around

I promise not to make you do anything too crazy but don't be shocked when I ask you to run full speed toward me or do silly things with each other like spinning around. I promise it'll be fun. Movement is so good and captures so well. So when I ask you to kiss, don't just kiss and freeze in time! Kiss and smile and kiss again or whatever you naturally do! Movement is another good way to calm the nerves. So even if you're hugging, swaying around always puts you both at ease a little and let's you sink into eachother a little more comfortably. And if you ever feel yourselves getting tense just take a deep breath through your nose and out through your mouth. You'd be amazed at how much it relaxes your face! (go ahead try it in the mirror, it works!) I'm there to document you two not judge how you do things so relax, be yourselves, and have fun with it. 

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